Stop submitting to social conformity and use your brain instead

Published on 2021-04-28.

Whether we deal with technology, religion, science, or any other subject, nothing has ever been more harmful to the human race, both generally and individually, than people submitting to social conformity rather than use the gift of their intellect!

Conformity is, as mentioned on Wikipedia, the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms, politics or being like-minded.

For the past 30+ years in the industry (and generally in society) I have seen nothing more stupid and absolutely devastating than people following hype, trends and "majority" rule. Not only that, but the worst part is, and that is something that is really difficult to handle, when those very people actually believe that what they are doing is the right thing. They are utterly clueless about their own stupid behavior.

I am not talking about mistakes, we all make mistakes. And I am not talking about being "clever" or "smart", that is not what this is about. I am also not talking about issues that are a matter of opinion. What I am talking about are issues that are a matter of fact, a matter of understanding by studying the subject and reaching correct conclusions by the correct usage of the brain, such as the fact that fire is burning.

Much of technology is pure fact, you don't even need to understand everything at the microscopic level, as long as you understand the fundamentals at the macroscopic level, you can reach correct and solid conclusions. Add to the equation experience, and you have a pragmatic approach that always brings you closest to the results you desire and that benefit you according to the goals you have set.

When ever you have an opinion about something and you feel the need to express that opinion on something like Hacker News, Reddit or Lobster then ask yourself this first: Am I really saying what I am saying because I truly believe this, or am I saying this because that is what the majority is doing?

A popular synonym to what the majority is doing is "the modern way", or sometimes it is even called "best practice", which can be quite misleading because then best practice really becomes stupid practice. Not all modern or best practice is stupid or bad, but a ton of it is, and a lot of it is made up by people who have become rich by selling books, giving speeches at conferences, and making lengthy videos on YouTube that makes them feel important and good about themselves. They know, understand and truly exploit the subject of conformity.

Never ever follow or submit to conformity just because that is what the majority or someone popular is doing! Never ever follow anything religiously - even when you strongly believe it is the truth! If you follow something religiously, it will completely blind you from discovering a possible mistake on your part!

Use your brain! Study, investigate and think! It's not difficult! Yes, it requires effort. Yes, it is more difficult than simply submitting to what the majority is doing. Going against the current often requires bravery because not only can it feel bad, but it can also attract the scolding of your peers, those of them who themselves have no clue about what they are doing, and who feel frightened by your nonconformity. But the consequence of simply submitting to conformity is always bad, no matter what!