Born in the 70th, yet ageless, and this is the place where I occasionally share my notes, thoughts and tutorials about open source, BSD and GNU/Linux system administration, and programming - the pragmatic way.

Please forgive any shortcomings and mistakes on this website. Also, English is not my native language.

I started programming in BASIC on the Sharp MZ-800 when I was about 9 or 10 and I have been passionately interested in computers and programming since then. :)

I had my first computer related job when I was only 15 years old in a security and communications company working primarily with modems and 10BASE2 Ethernet systems. There I learned a lot about soldering, electronics, and programming in machine code. It was a real dream job for a 15 year old kid. :)

I almost became an electronic engineer, but I never finished the last part of my studies because I was too busy working. Therefore I am mostly self-taught.

Most of my life I have been working as a system and network administrator and programmer, both as an employee, as an independent business owner, and as a freelance consultant.

I am a passionate proponent of open source, and of making systems simple, clear, secure and very performant.

I am absolutely allergic to applications and system setups that have been put together by following hype and trends.

Whenever I am involved in a project I try to follow good software engineering principles such as:

I am also the author of PHP The Wrong Way, OpenBSD Router Guide and Programmering i Go (a Danish Go programming tutorial that I hope I have the time to finish some day).

I don't use social media so you can't find me there.

Why the "sheikh" part in the domain?

Just for fun.

The word "sheikh" is an honorific title in the Arabic language. The word in Arabic stems from the triliteral root connected with age and aging: ش-ي-خ, shin-ya-kha. The title carries the meaning leader, elder, or noble.