OpenBSD 6.9 has been released, kudos to all involved!

Published on 2021-05-01. Modified on 2021-05-01.

Another timely release of OpenBSD has hit the Internet, and as usual, a lot of work has been put into the latest release.

This is the 50th release of OpenBSD!

I cannot stress it enough, but the quality of work that goes into OpenBSD is IMHO unparalleled.

I have been using OpenBSD for 15+ years and I have never experienced a project that is as well documented as OpenBSD. Through all these years, upgrading boxes, from one release to the next, has not always been as easy as it is now with sysupgrade, yet I cannot remember a single time where the upgrade instructions, despite sometimes having lots of manual stuff that needed to be done, was lacking or even mistakenly missing a single piece of information.

In those 15+ years the upgrading guide has never failed me, not even once. Why is this impressive you may ask, well compared to the amount of boxes I have been maintaining with tons of different operating systems on them, I can tell you, this is not only impressive, it's incredible. It's incredible because it's so easy to make a mistake, it's so easy to forget something, yet I have never experienced this a single time in those 15+ years with OpenBSD.

I cannot count the number of times upgrading other systems, whether automated or not, failed miserably, leaving services unable to start, configuration files completely ruined, or even things just magically disappeared without prior warning because someone forgot to mention that the OS no longer supported or shipped with this or that feature.

Trust has to be earned, and OpenBSD is one of the few projects where you know, by experience, that the people are meticulous in their efforts to keep things not only secure, but also running smoothly and efficiently.

Most newcomers to OpenBSD always become very surprised at just how simple and easy OpenBSD is to use compared to other systems, and it truly is. But this is not by accident or coincident, this is by design, it's the result of an extremely well designed system.

If you have never used OpenBSD for anything, I highly recommend that you give it a try. It doesn't fit all use cases, but the use cases it has been designed for it fits masterly well. Study all the documentation on the project website, read the FAQ and checkout the mailing list archive for misc (it's the best place to ask OpenBSD specific questions).

Also please consider supporting the project financially, even if you don't use it, because OpenBSD contributes a huge amount of Open Source software to the community in general, and it is close to impossible to find another operating system that doesn't ship with something from the OpenBSD project!