2020-06-08 No, you cannot have a third of my life!
2020-04-11 Technical reasons to choose FreeBSD over GNU/Linux
2020-04-07 Vim - I hate to love you
2020-03-23 Turning suckless into suckmore
2020-03-21 How you can manage the i3 window manager on multiple computers
2020-02-11 Migrating ZFS from Linux to FreeBSD
2020-02-09 Some of the great GNU/Linux distributions
2020-02-07 systemd isn't safe to run anywhere
2020-02-07 Choosing between OpenBSD and FreeBSD
2020-02-01 Samba and NFS performance - ZFS on Linux vs ZFS on FreeBSD
2020-01-26 Mozilla is becoming evil - be careful with Firefox
2020-01-23 How to setup FreeBSD with a riced desktop - part 3: i3
2020-01-23 How to setup FreeBSD with a riced desktop - part 2: Xfce
2020-01-22 How to setup FreeBSD with a riced desktop - part 1: Basic setup
2020-01-21 Why you should migrate everything from Linux to BSD - part 2
2020-01-20 FreeBSD is an amazing operating system
2020-01-18 Why you should migrate everything from Linux to BSD
2019-12-25 Job interviews in web development gone haywire
2019-11-07 When the modern approach is nothing but hype
2019-11-03 My favorite note-taking method
2019-11-02 Go (Golang) - Understanding the object-oriented features with structs, methods, and interfaces
2019-07-16 Go (Golang) - Errors and panics
2019-07-14 Go (Golang) - Logging that matters
2019-07-02 Stop pushing JavaScript!
2019-06-26 When abstraction, design patterns, and principles leads to spaghetti code
2019-05-05 Battle testing data integrity verification with ZFS, Btrfs, and mdadm+dm-integrity (Updated 2020-01-23)
2019-03-28 Installing Arch Linux with ZFS on a USB stick
2018-12-05 Remuxing ISO, DVD, or Bluray using cat and ffmpeg on Linux
2018-11-11 Reviving Cubox with Arch Linux ARM
2018-05-01 The real motivation behind systemd (Updated 2020-01-28)
2018-03-30 Void Linux - a great and unique Linux distribution (Updated 2020-03-02)
2018-03-30 Real full disk encryption using GRUB on Void Linux for BIOS (Updated 2020-03-21)
2018-03-29 Package management in OpenBSD (Updated: 2020-01-18)
2018-03-13 OpenBSD is fantastic
2017-12-29 Arch Linux mail server tutorial - part 3: Get DNS right, it's important! (Updated 2019-07-06)
2017-12-28 Arch Linux mail server tutorial - part 2: OpenSMTPD, Dovecot, DKIMproxy, and Let's Encrypt (Updated 2019-07-06)
2017-12-27 Arch Linux mail server tutorial - part 1: What is email? (Updated 2019-07-06)
2017-12-20 Stay away from CloudFlare
2017-12-13 Is Google evil? (Updated 2020-01-25)
2017-12-10 Make the current commit the initial commit in a Git repository (Updated 2018-11-12)
2017-10-15 The typical discussions about BSD vs Linux
2017-06-23 Real full disk encryption using GRUB on Debian GNU/Linux for BIOS
2017-05-30 Real full disk encryption using GRUB on Arch Linux for BIOS and UEFI (Updated 2019-11-24)
2016-12-19 No your PHP framework isn't MVC, but don't worry, it really shouldn't be!
2016-11-14 How to split your DNS requests when using a VPN (Updated 2019-04-02)
2016-01-02 Programming languages and programming paradigms
2015-12-20 Bummer PHP
2015-12-10 Composer and Packagist - a bad implementation! (Updated 2016-08-07)
2015-11-10 To framework or not to framework?
2015-11-01 No your API isn't REST, but don't worry, it really shouldn't be!
2015-03-15 Design Patterns Can Be Very Evil
2015-02-28 Procedural Programming vs Object Oriented Programming
2015-01-01 Web application with a single entry point
2014-12-17 Keeping your home directory in Git, the right way (Updated 2020-04-02)
2013-10-16 Some notes on Arch Linux - 2
2013-04-23 PSR-0 is not a solution it is a bypass!
2013-04-17 Most PHP Frameworks are not for programmers
2013-03-26 When templates gets in the way
2013-02-04 Be careful when using docking stations
2012-12-15 An alternative way to play YouTube videos without using Flash (Updated 2016-07-26)
2012-01-18 How to set your hostname and domain name correctly
2012-01-18 How to Create a New and Empty Branch in Git
2012-01-18 GnuPG Tutorial
2011-03-17 Enforce strong passwords in Debian
2011-02-12 Unloading of modules at boot time in Debian
2010-12-17 Benchmark 4 - Notes About Caching and Benchmarking
2010-12-16 Benchmark 3 - The Alternative PHP Cache (APC)
2010-12-15 Benchmark 2 - MySQL Cache
2010-12-14 Benchmark 1 - Dynamic pages vs. static pages vs. Memcached
2010-11-18 Social Networking Sucks
2010-11-05 The Book: Pro PHP Refactoring
2010-10-21 Code Navigation, Design Patterns, and Too Many Functions
2010-10-21 Code comments are good right? Well, not if there is too much of it
2010-10-09 Git bare vs. non-bare repositories
2010-09-07 What does GRUB see?
2010-01-19 Windows XP nv4_disp infinite loop problem
2010-01-12 umount: device is busy
2010-01-12 For Debian - what package does that file belong to?
2010-01-07 Simple CHM to PDF conversion on Linux
2009-12-15 Resume SFTP transfer with rsync
2009-10-21 Passwords from the hackers point of view
2009-10-20 Localized version in the console? No thanks!
2009-10-15 How to convert a man page into PS, PDF or DVI
2009-10-14 Mercurial branching, main and stable, a possible workflow
2009-10-12 Some personal notes on revision control and backup
2009-09-15 PHP include path problems
2009-08-17 Some notes on Arch Linux
2009-08-13 Why I do not like derived Linux distributions
2009-08-04 Mount an OpenBSD slice from Linux
2009-08-01 Mozilla Firefox Keywords Shortcuts
2009-08-01 Finding and removing duplicate files with fdupes
2009-04-01 Encrypting and decrypting files using GnuPG, OpenSSL or Mcrypt (Updated 2016-07-26)
2009-03-15 Remove -- MARK -- from the message log
2009-03-15 Keeping the system time precise using NTP (Updated 2016-07-26)
2009-03-15 CD or DVD Boot problems on MAC
2009-03-15 Cache your DNS requests using Bind
2009-03-14 Resume SFTP transfer with PuTTY
2008-11-28 PHP Security (Updated 2015-04-05)
2008-11-03 Ubuntu as in Debian?
2008-11-02 Using EncFS to encrypt some of your files (Updated 2016-05-23)
2008-10-30 Choosing a new backup solution, Duplicity, rdiff-backup or Rsnapshot
2008-08-12 Speed down your CPU
2007-12-26 Pointers in C
2007-12-25 Programming in C, C++, and Ada
2007-12-14 Choosing a good book on programming (Updated 2016-04-02)
2007-11-17 Revision control
2007-08-22 Wrong default encoding on the Apache webserver
2007-01-13 Who is listening on my ports (Updated 2020-01-25)
2006-05-22 diff and patch